Complete Consultancy Services:

Chemcon has provided complete services as local Consultants for the various industrial projects in the field of Fertilizers, heavy chemicals, cement etc. In the field of Cement, Chemcon has provided complete Consultancy services to the following projects from the Feasibility Study through the Contracting, erection, operation, and completion of guarantees:-

Cherat Cement Ltd. Cherat. Originally as a 1000 tons/day, Dry Cement Project started up in and subsequently expanded to 2000 tons/day. Fecto Cement Ltd. Sangjani. A 2000 tons/day Dry Process Plant with Precalciner Technology.

Both projects complete their guarantees tests shortly after start-up.

In addition, Chemcon provided all the initial Consultancy Services to Attock Cement Co. (machinery tenders, site selection, Cost estimates) the only other plant in the country using Precalciner Technology.

In addition, Chemcon have provided Consultancy Services of the types detailed later, to the following operating plants of the State Cement Corporation which have been privatized in recent year.

Mustehkam Cement, Hattar.
National Cement, Wah.
Associated Cement Rohi.
National Cement, Karachi.
Gharibwal Cement, Gharibwal.

Market Surveys:

Chemcon has been undertaking market surveys since 1970 in the field of Cement usage.

Various methodologies have been used to arrive at projections for future cement demands. Over the years, the methods used by Chemcon have become more sophisticated and newer factors have been taken into account in making projections.

Raw Material Surveys:

Chemcon, for its various clients, has been carrying out complete surveys of raw materials required for the cement industry. These surveys, apart from geological studies, including the determination of suitability, availability and costs of raw materials.

Site Studies

Chemcon has completed site studies for different projects in nearly all the Provinces of Pakistan. The scope of studies included determination of various site options and final recommendations based on raw materials, transportation system and market.

Chemcon studied 18 sites in Pakistan for new plants for the State Cement Corporation of Pakistan.

Tender Issue and Comparison

Chemcon have undertaken the issue of tenders and checking of specifications for the following projects:

Cherat Cement 1000 tons/day Plant. Cherat Cement expansion to 2000 tons/day. Fecto Cement, Phase I- 1000 tons/day and addition of equipment in Phase II to make the plant 2000 tons/day. Fecto Cement – Specification of new 3000 tons/day Plant.

Erection and Start-up Services

For both the Plants of Cherat Cement and Fecto Cement, Chemcon have provided complete consultancy services throughout erection period and until the start-up of the Plants.

Supervision of Tests and Reports

For both Cherat Cement and Fecto Cement, the guarantee tests were supervised by us and all the data was collected by our Experts. In the case of Fecto Cement, some small penalties were payable by the Contractors and these were estimated by Chemcon.

Industrial Management Survey

Chemcon has been involved in management surveys of steel, chemicals and cement industries. These surveys included the following:-

A review of the plant facilities and past performance in relation to installing capacity and plant guarantees. - A review of the reasons for non-attainment of the design capacity of efficiency. - A review of specific problems e.g. consequences and reasons for an explosion at a Cement Plant. - Suggestions for adequate management structure. - Review of the financial status of the units concerned and recommendations for future financial requirements. - Suggestions for the procurement of raw materials and supplies. - Recommendations of marketing and distribution procedures.

Specialised Studies

Chemcon undertook many studies including a World Bank Study (in association with a Swiss Company) on the planning and initial implementation of a training program for all the Units of the State Cement Corporation of Pakistan, as well other aspects of Human Resources Development of SCCP.

In addition Chemcon has undertaken several specialized studies on Cement and some of these are given in the Reference List under ©. Chemcon also undertook a Valuation Report on Zealpak Cement Factory for the Denationalisation Cell of the Privatisation Commission.

Client Description of product and services
Hattar (Mustehkam) Industrial Management Study for Government of Pakistan Feasibility study for expansion of the plant by 300,000 tons/year for B.I.M.
Dandot Industrial Management Study for Government of Pakistan. Feasibility Study for expansion of the Plant by 300,000 tons/year.
Karachi (Javedan) Industrial Management Study for Government of Pakistan. Feasibility Study for expansion of the plant by 300,000 tons/year.
Karachi (National) Industrial Management Study for Government of Pakistan.
Wah Feasibility Study for expansion of the Plant by 180,000 tons/year for A.C.C. (Government of West Pakistan).
Gharibwal Industrial Management Study for Government of Pakistan.
Farooq Cement (now Mustehkam) Study on causes and results of an explosion at the plant (at that time privately owned).